Learn How to Actually Find and Use Inspirational Quotes

Learn where and how to use inspirational quotes

Have you ever felt that little spark of magic when you come across a quote that just clicks? Like it was written just for you at that moment?

Quotes can be these tiny powerhouses of wisdom and inspiration. They can lift our spirits and make us think, and sometimes they’re just what we need to keep going.

Over the years, I’ve collected a ton of quotes that resonate with me, and they’ve become a big part of my daily routine.

Today, I want to share with you my tips on finding and using these little nuggets of wisdom to brighten your life.

a pin for a blog post about how to find and use inspirational quotes
a pin for a blog post about how to find and use inspirational quotes

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Finding Inspirational Quotes

Books and Literature

There’s something so special about discovering quotes in books. Whether it’s a novel, a self-help book, or even poetry, literature is filled with gems waiting to be found.

I like to keep a notebook or my phone nearby when I’m reading, so I can jot down anything that speaks to me. Sometimes, I’ll even take a photo of the page.

Dedicate a bit of time each day or week to read. It could be in the morning with your coffee or before bed. As you read, keep an eye out for those lines that make you pause and think.

Write them down or highlight them. Over time, you’ll build a lovely collection of quotes that have touched you.

Movies and TV Shows

Quotes aren’t just in books! Some of the most memorable lines come from movies and TV shows. I’ve found that rewatching my favorite movies or TV shows often brings new quotes to light.

Have a movie night once a week or revisit your favorite TV series. Keep a notepad handy, or use your phone to note down any quotes that stand out.

You’ll be surprised at how many powerful lines you’ll find when you’re not just watching for entertainment.

Social Media and Blogs

In today’s digital age, social media is a goldmine for inspirational quotes. Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitter are full of beautifully curated quotes. Follow accounts that post daily inspirational content.

Start your day with a scroll through your favorite quote accounts.

Save the ones that resonate with you. You can even create a Pinterest board dedicated to quotes or a folder on Instagram to save them. It’s like having a digital vision board!


Conversations with Friends and Family

Sometimes, the most meaningful quotes come from the people we talk to every day. I love catching those moments when someone says something profound or simply beautiful.

Be present in your conversations. When someone says something that strikes a chord, write it down.

This not only helps you remember their words but also deepens your connection with them. You could even start a quote journal together with a friend or family member!

Journals and Notebooks

There’s something so intimate about reading through someone’s personal reflections, and if you journal, you might find your own words inspirational.

Reflecting on past entries can reveal quotes that speak to your journey and growth.

Make it a habit to revisit your journal entries periodically. Highlight or rewrite any sentences that resonate with you. This not only reinforces your personal growth but also helps you see your own wisdom.

Speeches and Podcasts

Listening to speeches and podcasts can be incredibly inspiring. Whether it’s a TED Talk, a motivational speaker, or a podcast on a topic you love, there are plenty of quotes waiting to be discovered.

Set aside time each week to listen to a speech or podcast. Keep a note-taking app or a journal handy to jot down any quotes that stand out. Revisit these notes regularly to keep the inspiration fresh.

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Using Inspirational Quotes in Your Daily Life

Finding quotes is just the beginning! The magic happens when you start incorporating them into your everyday life. Here are some of my favorite ways to do just that.

Daily Affirmations

I can’t tell you how much daily affirmations have changed my life.

Starting your day with a positive quote can set the tone for everything that follows. Choose a quote that resonates with you and repeat it to yourself in the morning.

Place your chosen quote where you’ll see it first thing in the morning.

This could be on your bathroom mirror, your bedside table, or even as your phone’s wallpaper. Take a few moments to say the quote out loud and really let it sink in.

Vision Boards

Vision boards are a fantastic way to keep your goals and dreams front and center. Incorporating quotes into your vision board can provide extra motivation and inspiration.

Create a vision board with a mix of images and quotes that inspire you.

Hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day, like your bedroom or workspace. Spend a few minutes each day looking at your vision board and reflecting on your goals and the quotes that inspire you.


I’ve already mentioned how journaling can help you discover quotes, but it’s also a wonderful way to use them. Start or end your journal entries with a quote that resonates with you.

When you sit down to journal, choose a quote that reflects how you’re feeling or something you want to focus on.

Write it at the top of your entry and let it guide your thoughts. It can be a powerful way to frame your reflections and intentions.


Decorate Your Space

Surrounding yourself with inspirational quotes can create a positive and uplifting environment. You can get creative with how you display them!

Print or write out your favorite quotes and frame them. You can hang them on your walls, place them on your desk, or even create a quote garland. Change them up regularly to keep things fresh and inspiring.

Digital Reminders

In our tech-savvy world, digital reminders can be a great way to keep quotes in mind throughout the day. Use your phone or computer to set reminders with your favorite quotes.

You can schedule them to pop up at different times of the day, giving you little boosts of inspiration. There are also apps specifically designed for daily quotes that you might find helpful.

Share with Others

Sharing quotes with friends, family, or on social media can spread positivity and create deeper connections. When a quote resonates with you, it’s likely to touch others too.

Make it a habit to share quotes that inspire you. You could send a daily quote to a friend or post it on your social media. Discussing these quotes can lead to meaningful conversations and shared inspiration.

Meditation and Reflection

Quotes can be a focal point for meditation or quiet reflection. They can help center your thoughts and provide clarity.

Choose a quote that speaks to you and meditate on it. Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and repeat the quote in your mind.

Let it guide your thoughts and bring you peace. Or you can also spend a few minutes reflecting on the quote and what it means to you.


In Your Work

Bringing inspirational quotes into your work can boost your motivation and creativity. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, there are ways to incorporate quotes into your workday.

Place a quote on your desk or computer where you’ll see it often.

You could also start team meetings with a quote to set a positive tone. If you use a planner or digital calendar, include a quote of the day to keep you inspired throughout your workday.

Personal Mantras

A personal mantra is like a little pep talk you give yourself. Choosing a quote as your mantra can provide consistent motivation and focus.

Select a quote that really resonates with you and turn it into your personal mantra. Repeat it to yourself during challenging times or when you need a boost of confidence. It can become a powerful tool for self-encouragement.

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Making Quotes a Habit

To truly benefit from inspirational quotes, it’s important to make them a regular part of your life. Here are some tips for making this a habit:

Consistency is Key

Like any habit, consistency is important. Find ways to incorporate quotes into your daily routine and stick with it.

Start with one or two methods that resonate with you, like morning affirmations or journaling. As you get comfortable, add more ways to include quotes in your life. Consistency will make these habits second nature.

Personalize Your Approach

Everyone is different, so what works for one person might not work for another. Personalize your approach to finding and using quotes. Experiment with different methods until you find what works best for you.

Maybe you’re more visual and prefer decorating your space with quotes, or perhaps you love the act of writing and prefer journaling. Make it your own!


Stay Open and Curious

Inspiration can come from unexpected places. Stay open to discovering new quotes and be curious about the world around you.

Keep an open mind and be on the lookout for quotes everywhere. Whether you’re reading a new book, having a conversation, or scrolling through social media, stay curious and let inspiration find you.

Engage with a Community

Sharing your journey with others can provide support and additional inspiration. Engage with communities that share your love for quotes.

Join online forums, social media groups, or book clubs where you can share and discover quotes. Engaging with others can provide fresh perspectives and keep you motivated.

Reflect on Your Collection

Regularly revisiting your quote collection can provide ongoing inspiration and remind you of your journey.

Set aside time each month to go through your quote collection. Reflect on why each quote resonated with you and how it’s impacted your life. This reflection can reinforce the positive messages and keep you inspired.

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a pin for a blog post about how to find and use inspirational quotes

Will you start using quotes in your life now?

Happy quote hunting! And don’t forget to share your favorite quotes with me; I’d love to hear what inspires you.

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