50 Practical Journal Prompts About Fear to Be Fearless


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prompts  TO BEAT FEAR

Think about a time when you were rejected. How did it make you feel? Did it affect how you saw yourself? Think about what you learned from that experience.

prompts ABOUT FEAR

Think about a time when you were scared or intimidated by someone. Why were you scared? How did it affect the way you thought and acted?


List three people in your life who intimidate or scare you. Think about why you’re scared and if it’s based on real reasons or just assumptions.


Write a letter to yourself, giving yourself encouragement and support when you feel unsure about something.

fear writing prompts

Reflect on a time when you felt very unsure about something. Describe the feelings and thoughts you had during that time.

prompts for fear

Write about what could happen if you keep avoiding change in your life. How might it stop you from growing personally and professionally?


really amazing fear writing prompts to try!

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