75 Journal Prompts for Healing Your Inner Child


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inner child prompts

What were your favorite games to play when you were young? How can you bring elements of those games into your life now?

inner child journal ideas

Recall a time when you felt completely free and carefree as a child. How can you find that sense of freedom in your life now?

prompts for inner child

Write about a time when a caregiver or family member made you feel loved, supported, and seen. How can you nurture that feeling within yourself?

healing your inner child

What were your favorite songs or music when you were a child? Create a playlist of those songs and listen to them, letting the memories and emotions come back.

prompts for inner child

Imagine having a conversation with your inner child. What would they tell you about their hopes, fears, and dreams? Write down their words.

inner child journal ideas

Write a list of things you’re grateful for from your childhood, like good experiences, lessons, and special people. Show appreciation for those blessings.


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