50 Journal Prompts for Intuition to Strengthen It


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intuitive journal ideas

Think about a dream you had recently that you remember well. What things or feelings stand out to you? How might they relate to your life right now?

intuition prompts

Imagine meeting your future self, who has made decisions based on inner guidance. What advice and guidance would they offer you?

intuitive prompts

Write a letter to your inner voice, expressing gratitude for its guidance and asking for clarity in a specific area of your life.

journal ideas for intuition

Describe a recent dream or vivid image that stood out to you. How can you understand its meaning and any messages it may hold?

intuition journal ideas

If your inner voice could give you one message right now, what would it be? Write it down and think about its meaning.

intuition prompts

Think of a time when you listened to your inner voice and it guided you in the right direction. What can you learn from that experience?


really amazing intuition writing prompts to try!

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