75 Powerful Journal Prompts for Jealousy to Help You Cope


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prompts to beat jealousy

How do I react when someone I know achieves something great? Do I genuinely feel happy for them, or do I get jealous?

jealousy prompts

Did I ever think someone was jealous of me when they really weren’t? How does knowing this change how I see jealousy?

journal ideas for jealousy

Did I ever use jealousy to get attention or feel validated? How can I find healthier ways to get those needs met?

jealousy journal ideas

Can I remember a time when someone was really jealous of me and it made me feel bad? How did I handle it, and what did I learn from that?

prompts for jealousy

How does jealousy stop me from growing and being happy? What can I do to focus on my own life instead of comparing myself to others?

jealousy prompts

Did I ever try to get attention or approval from others because I felt jealous? How can I feel good about myself without needing other people’s approval?


really amazing jealousy writing prompts to try!

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