120 Best Magical Writing Prompts to Spark Your Imagination

120 incredibly magical journal prompts for fantasy and joy

Today, I’m all pumped up to talk about something totally awesome: making your writing super cool using the most awesome magical writing prompts!

You know those times when you read something and it feels like you’re stepping into a magical realm? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to explore the enchanting world of fantasy journal prompts!

a pin that says in a large font magical writing prompts
a pin that says in a large font magical journal prompts

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120 basic fantasy writing prompts

  1. A wizard discovers a forgotten spell that brings inanimate objects to life.
  2. In a hidden forest, there’s a tree that grows books with stories only the reader can understand.
  3. Write about a world where dreams have a tangible impact on reality.
  4. An ordinary item in your home turns out to be a portal to a magical realm.
  5. In a town of shape-shifters, everyone has a unique animal form except for one person.
  6. Describe a potion that grants the ability to speak and understand any language.
  7. A group of friends stumbles upon a map leading to a mythical treasure guarded by a dragon.
  8. Write about a magical academy where students are sorted into houses based on their elemental affinity.
  9. An ancient prophecy is revealed, foretelling the rise of a new, unexpected hero.
  10. In a world where music has magical properties, tell the story of a bard with an extraordinary instrument.
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  1. Describe a village that floats in the sky, accessible only by magical airships.
  2. Write about a talking animal that guides a lost traveler through a mystical forest.
  3. A painter discovers their artwork has the power to bring the depicted scenes to life.
  4. In a city of illusions, nothing is as it seems; explore the consequences for its inhabitants.
  5. Tell the tale of a time traveler who accidentally brings back a magical artifact from the past.
  6. Write about a character who can communicate with plants and uses this ability to solve crimes.
  7. In a land of eternal night, a mysterious source of light appears, changing everything.
  8. A cursed mirror reveals the true nature of anyone who gazes into it.
  9. Create a world where wishes have consequences, both good and bad.
  10. A group of friends discovers a magical board game that transports them to different realms.
  1. Describe a creature that can manipulate shadows, both its own and others’.
  2. A town where every resident possesses a unique, unpredictable magical ability.
  3. In a realm of floating islands, a young inventor creates wings that allow flight.
  4. Write about a librarian who discovers a book that rewrites itself based on the reader’s desires.
  5. An ancient scroll is found that holds the key to controlling time.
  6. In a land of eternal winter, a group of rebels seeks to awaken the dormant spring magic.
  7. A character can see glimpses of the future but struggles to interpret the visions accurately.
  8. Write about a magical marketplace where items change appearance based on their owners.
  9. A mysterious fog descends upon a town, bringing forgotten memories back to life.
  10. A young witch inherits a magical shop filled with enchanted objects and ingredients.
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  1. In a city where everyone has a magical tattoo, one person discovers that theirs is unique.
  2. Describe a world where laughter is the most potent source of magic.
  3. A magical forest appears only once every century, and those who enter never age.
  4. Write about a guardian spirit that protects a sacred place from those with ill intentions.
  5. In a desert kingdom, a magical oasis grants visions to those who drink from its waters.
  6. A group of friends discovers a hidden library containing books that predict the future.
  7. Describe a magical carnival that only appears at midnight and disappears at dawn.
  8. A character gains the ability to speak with machines and learns of an impending catastrophe.
  9. In a city beneath the waves, merfolk forge alliances with magical sea creatures.
  10. Write about a potion that allows people to experience the emotions of others.
30-day guided journals
  1. A young enchantress accidentally swaps the personalities of two strangers.
  2. In a town where shadows have a life of their own, darkness becomes both friend and foe.
  3. A character finds a mirror that reflects their true potential instead of their appearance.
  4. Write about a creature that feeds on emotions, growing stronger with each feeling consumed.
  5. An ancient prophecy states that a chosen one will bring balance to a world torn by elemental chaos.
  6. In a world where magic is powered by emotions, a character discovers the key to ultimate power.
  7. A young sorcerer receives a mysterious package containing a magical artifact.
  8. Describe a land where each season is controlled by a different mythical creature.
  9. Write about a village surrounded by a barrier that grants wishes but exacts a heavy price.
  10. An inventor creates a device that allows communication with beings from other dimensions.
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  1. A character discovers a mirror that shows the alternate lives they could have led.
  2. In a floating city, citizens travel on giant, magical balloons powered by collective dreams.
  3. Write about a labyrinth that shifts and changes, challenging those who enter to face their fears.
  4. A character possesses the ability to bring inanimate objects to life temporarily.
  5. A musician discovers a song that opens portals to different dimensions.
  6. In a world where memories are stored in crystals, a thief steals the most precious one.
  7. Describe a kingdom ruled by sentient, talking animals with magical abilities.
  8. A character finds a magical paintbrush that brings their artwork to life.
  9. In a land of eternal sunlight, shadows are considered valuable and traded like currency.
  10. Write about a potion that grants the ability to see invisible magical creatures.
  1. A character encounters a magical doorway that leads to their own subconscious.
  2. A young alchemist accidentally creates a potion that grants the power of telekinesis.
  3. In a city where time moves backward at night, a character discovers the secret to navigating it.
  4. A character receives a letter from their future self, warning of an impending danger.
  5. Describe a library where books are portals to different realms, each with its own challenges.
  6. Write about a creature that can manipulate dreams, influencing the waking world.
  7. In a world where wishes come true, a character discovers the unintended consequences.
  8. A character possesses the ability to understand and speak with magical creatures.
  9. A group of friends stumbles upon a cave containing a pool with transformative properties.
  10. In a kingdom where words have magical power, a poet becomes the most influential person.
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  1. Write about a character who can communicate with the spirits of the elements.
  2. A magical storm sweeps through a village, leaving behind unexpected changes.
  3. Describe a city built entirely of crystal, where the architecture responds to emotions.
  4. A character inherits a book that allows them to rewrite their own past.
  5. In a world of floating islands, a character discovers a hidden island with unique properties.
  6. Write about a potion that allows people to experience the memories of others.
  7. A group of explorers finds a cave with walls that show glimpses of possible futures.
  8. In a society where everyone has a guardian spirit, one person’s spirit goes rogue.
  9. A character discovers a spell that allows them to enter the world of their favorite book.
  10. Describe a village where every resident has a magical companion with a unique ability.
  1. Write about a character who can manipulate the weather with their emotions.
  2. In a town surrounded by a magical barrier, time moves differently than in the outside world.
  3. A character finds a key that opens doors to parallel dimensions.
  4. In a land where music can heal, a character possesses an instrument with unique abilities.
  5. A magical fog descends upon a city, revealing hidden truths and illusions.
  6. Write about a potion that grants temporary invisibility but comes with unexpected side effects.
  7. A character discovers a forgotten language that has the power to control elements.
  8. In a world where mirrors are gateways to alternate realities, a character gets trapped.
  9. Describe a forest where every tree has a unique magical property.
  10. A character encounters a magical door that leads to a library of forgotten dreams.
  1. Write about a character who can perceive the emotions of others through touch.
  2. In a city where art comes to life, a street artist discovers the true impact of their creations.
  3. A group of friends discovers a cave with walls that replay moments from the past.
  4. In a world where thoughts have physical form, a character struggles to control their own mind.
  5. A character inherits a magical heirloom that reveals their family’s hidden history.
  6. Write about a potion that allows people to speak with animals for a limited time.
  7. A character receives a mysterious map that leads to a mythical city hidden in the clouds.
  8. In a kingdom ruled by illusions, a character learns the true power of perception.
  9. A young sorceress discovers a spell that allows her to enter paintings and interact with their subjects.
  10. Describe a land where the auroras are portals to other dimensions.
  1. Write about a creature that can shape-shift into any form, including inanimate objects.
  2. A character finds a mirror that shows the consequences of their future choices.
  3. In a city where dreams are bought and sold, a character discovers the market’s dark secrets.
  4. A group of friends discovers a cave with walls that reveal the deepest desires of those who enter.
  5. In a world where laughter can break curses, a character uses humor to save the day.
  6. Write about a potion that allows people to understand and speak ancient languages.
  7. A character stumbles upon a garden where every plant has a unique magical property.
  8. In a town where time is traded as currency, a character struggles to save precious moments.
  9. A magical creature befriends a lonely child, revealing the power of friendship.
  10. Describe a city where the buildings are made of living, breathing organisms.
  1. Write about a character who can manipulate the elements but must keep it a secret.
  2. In a world where colors hold magical properties, a character discovers a new shade with unique abilities.
  3. A character inherits a mysterious book that reveals the secrets of a long-lost civilization.
  4. In a land where mirrors reflect different versions of reality, a character navigates a maze of illusions.
  5. A young wizard discovers a spell that allows them to communicate with celestial beings.
  6. Write about a potion that grants the ability to enter paintings and experience their worlds.
  7. A character finds a forgotten language that can manipulate the emotions of those who hear it.
  8. In a world where every person has a magical companion, one character’s companion goes missing.
  9. A group of explorers discovers a cave with walls that reveal the true nature of those who enter.
  10. Describe a city where dreams manifest as physical objects, influencing the waking world.
a pin that says in a large font magical journal prompts

What are magical writing prompts, and why should I use them?

Magical or fantasy writing prompts are like keys that unlock the door to an enchanted world of creativity.

They’re imaginative cues or ideas that inspire you to weave fantastical tales, explore mystical realms, or delve into the unknown.

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a blank page, unsure of where to start, or longing to inject a bit of magic into your writing routine, these magical prompts are your trusty companions.

Now, you might wonder, “Why should I bother with magical writing prompts?” Well, let me share some enchanting reasons:

Ignite your imagination

Magical prompts spark your imagination like a burst of fairy dust. They push you beyond the ordinary and encourage you to dream up worlds and characters that defy the rules of reality.

Escape reality for a while

Life can be a bit mundane, right? These prompts offer a fantastical escape—the chance to immerse yourself in a universe where anything can happen. It’s a mini-vacation for your mind!

Break writer’s block

Staring at a blank page can be daunting. Magical prompts act as a magic spell to break through a writer’s block. They give you a starting point and a spark to get your creative juices flowing.

Discover hidden talents

You might surprise yourself with what you create. These prompts can unearth hidden talents and passions, helping you explore new aspects of your writing abilities.

Blend personal growth with fantasy

The beauty of magical prompts is that they aren’t just about crafting stories; they can also be a journey of personal growth.

Through the exploration of fantastical worlds, you might discover new perspectives and insights about yourself.

Enhance writing skills

Practice makes perfect, right? Magical prompts provide a fun way to hone your writing skills. Whether it’s developing characters, crafting plots, or playing with descriptive language, each prompt is a chance to improve.

Will you use any of these magical writing prompts?

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