100 Powerful Protection Affirmations for Safety and Security

100 powerful affirmations for protection

I’m so excited to chat with you today about something super cool: protection affirmations.

You know, as we grow and learn as women, it’s important to have tools that make us feel strong and keep away any negativity or harm.

Well, affirmations are like these awesome little sayings that can help us do just that! They’re like secret weapons of positivity and protection.

In this blog post, I’ll share some really neat protection affirmations that you can use to feel safe and secure. 

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20 affirmations for family protection

  1. Divine light protects us.
  2. Our home is a safe haven.
  3. We grow stronger together.
  4. My family is safe and loved.
  5. Love and light safeguard us.
  6. Love and harmony surround us.
  7. Love and connection shield us.
  8. Our communication builds trust.
  9. Divine protection surrounds us.
  10. We attract only positive energy.
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  1. We support and uplift each other.
  2. Joy and laughter repel negativity.
  3. Our family is resilient and united.
  4. We respect each other’s boundaries.
  5. Our family is blessed and protected.
  6. We prioritize kindness and compassion.
  7. We trust in the universe’s protection.
  8. Our family radiates love and positivity.
  9. We are shielded from harm and negativity.
  10. I am the guardian of my family’s well-being.
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20 healing affirmations for safety and protection

  1. Divine energy heals me.
  2. I am safe and supported.
  3. I release fear and heal.
  4. My body heals naturally.
  5. Divine light shields me.
  6. I am safe and protected.
  7. I am vibrant and healthy.
  8. My body repairs naturally.
  9. Loving energies nurture me.
  10. Every day, I grow stronger.
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  1. Healing energy restores me.
  2. I am resilient and healthy.
  3. Divine guidance protects me.
  4. I trust in the healing process.
  5. I trust my body’s healing power.
  6. I receive the universe’s healing.
  7. Past burdens no longer hold me back.
  8. Loving energy supports my well-being.
  9. I deserve optimal health and protection.
  10. My mind, body, and spirit are in harmony.

20 affirmations to block negative energy

  1. I radiate positive energy.
  2. I release energy vampires.
  3. I attract uplifting energy.
  4. My energy repels negativity.
  5. My aura deflects negativity.
  6. I release negative thoughts.
  7. My energy blocks negativity.
  8. My energy creates a barrier.
  9. I invite only positive vibes.
  10. I am shielded from negativity.
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  1. I am immune to negative energy.
  2. I am in tune with my intuition.
  3. I am protected from negativity.
  4. I am a forcefield of positivity.
  5. Negativity has no power over me.
  6. My positivity repels negativity.
  7. I attract harmonious relationships.
  8. I attract only positive experiences.
  9. I embrace positivity and release negativity.
  10. I focus on the good and let go of negativity.

20 positive affirmations to protect your energy

  1. My energy uplifts others.
  2. I radiate positive energy.
  3. I attract uplifting people.
  4. I create a nurturing space.
  5. Love and light surround me.
  6. Self-care protects my energy.
  7. I inspire and empower others.
  8. I attract positive vibrations.
  9. I attract positive influences.
  10. I am the guardian of my energy.
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  1. I embrace positive experiences.
  2. I am grounded in positive energy.
  3. I am the gatekeeper of my energy.
  4. I am filled with positive energy.
  5. I strengthen my energetic boundaries.
  6. My energy aligns with my highest good.
  7. I mindfully choose positive influences.
  8. I surround myself with positive people.
  9. I release energy that no longer serves me.
  10. I receive nourishing energy and blessings.
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20 cleansing affirmations to release negative energy

  1. I am a vessel of light.
  2. I release all negativity.
  3. I am free from negativity.
  4. I cleanse and renew myself.
  5. I channel cleansing energy.
  6. I am purified and refreshed.
  7. I let go and invite lightness.
  8. I let go and embrace cleansing.
  9. My energy is clear and renewed.
  10. Healing energy flows through me.
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  1. I release toxins and invite joy.
  2. I attract cleansing experiences.
  3. My energy is purified and refreshed.
  4. I invite a cleansing transformation.
  5. Every breath cleanses and revitalizes.
  6. I receive the universe’s purification.
  7. I am open to the universe’s cleansing.
  8. I release stagnation and invite growth.
  9. I release blockages and welcome positivity.
  10. I release negativity and embrace positivity.
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FAQ: What are affirmations, and how do they work?

Affirmations are like little positive statements or phrases that we repeat to ourselves. They are powerful because they help us change our mindsets and beliefs.

When we say affirmations, it’s like giving ourselves a pep talk or a gentle reminder of how amazing we are.

Here’s how they work: Our thoughts and beliefs have a big impact on our lives. Sometimes, negative thoughts or self-doubt can creep in and bring us down.

That’s where affirmations come in. By repeating positive statements, we can train our minds to think in a more positive and empowering way.

For example, let’s say you’re feeling a bit anxious about an upcoming presentation.

Instead of dwelling on thoughts like “I’m going to mess up,” you can replace them with affirmations like “I am confident and well-prepared” or “I have the skills to rock this presentation.”

By repeating these affirmations, you’re telling yourself that you’re capable and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

The key is to choose affirmations that resonate with you personally. They should feel genuine and meaningful to you. It’s like creating your own personal mantra that boosts your confidence and protects you from negativity.

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FAQ: How can I protect my energy with the help of protection affirmations?

Protecting your energy is super important! And using protection affirmations can really help with that. It’s like creating a shield of positivity around yourself.

Think of your energy as something really valuable that you carry within you. Just like you’d want to keep your belongings safe, it’s important to do the same for your energy.

You want to make sure you’re surrounded by good vibes and keep away from anything negative or draining.

That’s where protection affirmations come in. They’re like little statements that you repeat to yourself. When you say them, you’re telling the universe that you want to stay positive and block out any negativity.

For example, you can try saying things like “I am surrounded by good energy and love” or “I let go of anything negative and stay peaceful.”

By repeating these affirmations, you’re reminding yourself to focus on the positive and keep yourself protected.

It’s also important to set boundaries and decide what kind of energy you allow into your life. Affirmations can support you in this by boosting your belief in yourself and your ability to create a positive environment.

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FAQ: How do I use these affirmations for protection?

Find a quiet and comfortable space

Take a moment to find a peaceful spot where you can focus on yourself without any distractions. It could be your bedroom, a cozy corner, or even a park where you feel at ease.

Take a deep breath

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and exhale slowly. Let go of any tension or worries you might be carrying.

Choose your affirmations

Think about the kind of protection you desire. It could be protecting your energy, your inner peace, or even your boundaries. Pick affirmations that resonate with you and feel right for your specific needs.

Repeat your affirmations

Say your chosen protection affirmations out loud, slowly, and with intention. You can start with one or two affirmations and gradually add more as you feel comfortable.

Repeat each affirmation several times, allowing the words to sink in and resonate within you.

Feel the power

As you say your affirmations, try to visualize yourself surrounded by a warm and glowing light, like a shield of positive energy. Feel the strength and protection that these affirmations bring to you.

Believe in their power to keep you safe and uplifted.

Make it a habit!

Consistency is key! Try to incorporate these protection affirmations into your daily routine. You can do them in the morning to start your day on a positive note or in the evening to release any negativity from the day.

Find a time that works best for you and stick with it.

Will you use any of these powerful protection affirmations?

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